Wayne Hening Young Investigator Award Recipients


Philip Harrer: Methylglyoxal - a central metabolic factor in restless legs syndrome? 

Tae-Joon Kim: Quantitative susceptibility mapping as an indicator for the efficacy of intravenous iron therapy in restless legs syndrome 

Yumeng Huang: Association of BST1 polymorphism with idiopathic restless legs syndrome in Chinese population 

Chia-Luen Leu: A mouse model of RLS with aberrant cortical rhythms

Maria P Mogavero: Structural changes of the subcortical gray structures in restless legs syndrome


Davide Sparasci: Restless Legs Syndrome and periodic limb movements in 86 patients with multiple sclerosis 

Jonathan Adrian Yeung Laiwan: Characteristics of augmented RLS patients on dopamine agonists at a tertiary referral center 

Katie LJ Cederberg: Efficacy of a physical activity intervention for managing restless legs syndrome in multiple sclerosis

Melanie Bergmann: Signs of sympathetic and endothelial cell activation in the skin of patients with Restless Legs Syndrome

Seongmin Oh: The seasonal pattern of restless legs syndrome in a sample from the Korean health insurance review and assessment service national database


Ana Antic Nikolic: RLS-associated risk variant affects MEIS1 expression during neural development

Fulya Akcimen: A genetic and transcriptome-wide study for restless legs syndrome

Michelle Kanney: Rethinking bedtime resistance in children with autism: Is restless legs syndrome to blame?

Mirjam Schipper: Sleep-related leg movements in obstructive sleep apnea: definitions, determinants, and clinical consequences

Mohanad AlGaeed: Prevalence and impact of restless legs in patients with myasthenia gravis


Ambra Stefani: New MRI findings in RLS

Camila Hirotsu: Periodic Limb Movement during sleep and the incidence of cardiometabolic outcomes: the Hypnolaus study

Celia Garcia- Malo: Evaluation of Brain iron Deposits in Restless Legs Syndrome: The promising role of transcranial sonography

Sayonara B Fagundes: Are there Correlation among RLS, iron and IL6 in runners?

Vivian Wanner: Transcreal Sonography as a novel neuroimaging tool to determine brain iron deficiency in Resltess Leg Syndrome: Results in a Chilean sample


Kwang Su Cha: Frontal Dysfunction in Patients with Restless Legs Syndrome Performing: A Visual Oddball Task: An Event-Related Potential Source Imaging Study

Stefania Mondello: Identification of Novel Candidate Biomarkers for RLS by Proteomic Analysis

Tae-Joon Kim: Intracerebral Sources of Periodic Leg Movement during Sleep


Lenise Jihe Kim: Prevalence and associated factors of restless legs syndrome and periodic limb movement in EPISONO cohort

Gen Li: Association of BTBD9 and MAP2K5/SKOR1 With Restless Legs Syndrome in Chinese Population

Diego Alvarez-Estevez: Validation of an automatic scoring algorithm for the analysis of periodic limb movements according to the WASM2016 guidelines

Aaro V. Salminen: Circadian locomotor activity in Meis1 knock-out mice

Sam Kerr: Plantar reflex excitability fluctuations in Restless legs syndrome patients


Aarthi Ram: Relationship of muscarinic antagonists with sleep related movement disorders: REM atonia and periodic limb movements

Ambra Stephani: Influence of altitude on periodic leg movements during sleep in individuals with restless legs syndrome and healthy controls: A pilot study

Elias G. Karroum: Genetic characterization of the painful restless legs phenotype

Rodolfo Soca: Prevalence of Restless Legs Syndrome/Willis-Ekbom Disease and its association with iron deficiency: Results from the Hispanic Community Health Study/Study of Latinos (HCHS/SOL)


Laura Triguero: Prospective Study Of Iron Metabolism And Rls In Blood Donors

Aaro Salminen: Prepulse Inhibition And Auditory Startle Response In Meis1 Knock-out Mice


Suzie Bertisch: Cardiovagal Baroreflex Gain is Reduced in Patients with RLS

Thomas Dye: Long Term Treatment Outcomes of Iron Supplementation in Pediatric Restless Leg Syndrome and PLMD

Yong Seo Koo: Efficacy of Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation In Patients With Drug-Naïve Restless Legs Syndrome


Patrizia Congiu:  Neurophysiological evaluation of spinal excitability in patients affected by primitive restless legs syndrome

Amanda Freeman: PTPRD expression regulates sleep consolidation in drosophila

Samantha Kerr:  Reflex testing reveals circadian variation of spinal excitability in restless legs syndrome patients

Marta Moraleda-Cibrian: Restless leg syndrome in young children with orofacial cleft

Aaro Salminen:  Periodic leg movements in spinal cord injury: Evaluation of arousals and treatment effect

Andras Szentkiralyi: Multimorbidity and the risk of restless legs syndrome in two prospective cohort studies

Irina Zavalko: Polysomnographic evaluation of augmentation in patients with restless legs syndrome


Victoria Mery, McGill University, Montreal for High false-positive rate of questionnaire-based RLS diagnosis in MS

AQ Rana, PD Clinic and MD Center, Toronto for Exacerbation of Pain by RLS and PD, A Case Control Study.

Bryndis Benediktsdottiri, Landspitali University Hospital, Iceland for Prevalence of RLS among patients with OSA before and after CPAP treatment compared to the general population

Maryann Deak, Sleep Health Centers, Harvard Medical School, Boston for Correlates of respiratory events with and without associated leg movements in obstructive sleep apnea

Mark Boulos, University of Toronto for Nocturnal Limb Movements are Correlated with Cerebral White Matter Hyperintensities and Fronto-Executive Deficits

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